The library

  • Library plays an important and prominent role in both educational and scientific research process in serving a large number of students, faculty members and their assistants, graduates, and under graduate students in various disciplines within our faculty and other faculties.
  • Library has nearly 7351 Arabic writers, 950 foreign book, 932 scientific MA and PhD thesis in addition to three encyclopedias, 13 lexicon, 12 scientific Arabic journal, 15 foreign periodicals and five Arab periodicals in addition to scientific journals of other faculties in same disciplines.
  • Library mission: The library is committed to acquisition of all what is modern in physical education science to prepare a qualified graduate in both theoretical and practical performance
  • Library Vision: Library seeks to occupy a distinguished position among physical education faculties' libraries through library automation of working with modern electronic systems
  • Library objectives:
  • Acquisition of all that matters Physical Education Sciences to enrich scientific research in sports field
  • Saving researchers' time and effort.
  • Contributing to intellectual building of  society
  • Protecting and preserving humanitarian heritage and thought and make it available for use.
  • Educating and preparing of specialized human cadres.
  • Digital library: our library participated in university databases service, which includes 22 bases (in foreign languages), specialized in all humanity and natural sciences, using them need getting password and user name from the library. The library conducted a workshop to train faculty members to use these bases.

Borrowing Rules:

  • Maximum allowed for borrowing is:   5 books for faculty members and their assistants, one book for students.
  • Renewing borrowing is not allowed of a particular book for one loaner more than once in six months.
  • Borrowing period is one month for faculty members and their assistants, and two weeks for students, after that period, students are committed to deliver it back after or will be  subjected to a penalty.
  • No scientific journals and thesis are allowed for borrowing in any way outside the library or obtaining electronic copies of theses.
  • Library organizes the reservation of borrowed books that are popular among students.
  • Library has the right to deprive any one from borrowing if he delayed delivering books within one month from borrowing date of this book. If that was repeated twice, library has the right to stop borrowing card for that person for a year.
  • Borrower is committed to compensate any damage or loss in books, and library the right has in estimating cost of damage, plus 25% administrative expenses.
  • Library does not allow anyone to take a full copy of a full book or a thesis.
  • Library is not allowed for acquisition of illustrated books.

Library sections: Library has three halls

  • First Hall for Academic Staff and under-graduate students.
  • Second Hall for students with places to read.
  • Third Hall for master and doctorate theses, foreign books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and scientific Foreign journals, only for reading, no borrowing is allowed

Working Hours: Library operates from 8.30 am to 4 pm