Faculty Dean

My Dear students

Welcome in your faculty website, with my best wishes for continued success

I'd like to express my deep happiness and optimism with this new year, within freedom and respect we live in the new era, which requires from everyone to know what are his duties and his rights to be able to respect laws and rules. Sport is based on specific laws and rules in each game, no one can practice without knowing such laws.

Physical Education Faculty cares for balance in humans' in all respects (physical – mental- psychological- social), so I invite you to participate in all students' activities beside attending all theoretical and practical lectures.

Our faculty is committed to developing and preparing highly qualified graduates through distinguished professors in scientific and practical aspects. Through this site, we will provide our dear students all what they might need to reach excellence during studying and after graduation.

We are happy to receive your suggestions and complaints to develop our faculty.

God Bless You


Prof.Mohamed Elshahat