In terms of Faculty's vision and mission, we provide high level services for stakeholders, so our faculty works on:

  • Encouraging stakeholders to provide any suggestion to improve faculty services.
  • Encouraging stakeholders to provide any complaints and seek to resolve them and minimize any negative effects on students and staff.
  • Complaints and suggestions include feedback of faculty's services to improve educational and research process.
  • Complaints and suggestions are examined through charged Commission (complaints and suggestions) within faculty's organizational structure.
  • Faculty leadership handles complaints while maintaining full confidentiality of complaints and not harming students because of any complaints.
  • Our faculty organizes seminars and workshops to disseminate culture of making complaints or suggestions from all faculty staff and members.
  • Our faculty provides a sufficient number of complaints and suggestions boxes for students and staff.
  • Faculty has designed a website to receive any suggestions or complaints, besides offering a window for presenting their suggestions and expressing their views of the educational process.

First, methods of receiving complaints and suggestions via:

  • Distributed boxes in all parts of faculty building.
  • Electronically on faculty website or by e-mail.
  • Academic guidance reports of faculty staff directly or indirectly, or in any other way.
  • Orally among Committee members and complaining party.
  • Through discussions between faculty management and related parties within seminars, public lectures or meetings.
  • Through division head and President of student Union.

Committee specialization

  • Receiving complaints and suggestions via distributed boxes in all parts of faculty building.
  • Organizing seminars and workshops to disseminate culture of complaints or suggestions at faculty staff.
  •  Classifying complaints and suggestions submitted by faculty staff, with eliminating anonymous complaints written in improper manner.
  • 4. Determine the dates for the owners of the complaints and suggestions to inquire about some mysterious complaint or proposal submitted points.
  • Displaying a special report on suggestions and complaints to Faculty Council to discuss these suggestions and complaints and make a decision about direct them.

Commission outputs:

  • Regular meetings agendas.
  • periodic reports on committee activities and its decisions to solve faculty problems